{ Our Approach to Sustainability }

The health of our planet is so closely linked to our own health. That is why everything we do as a brand has the intention to protect planet earth and preserve it. We use recycled and sustainable materials and make sure every aspect of our business protects and promotes the longevity of our planet. Our goal is to create the highest quality pieces that are timeless and can be worn for many years to come - we want to simplify your wardrobe rather than add to it.

Our Materials ♳

{ Our Materials ♳ }

Whenever possible we avoid producing new fabrics and re-use what already exists such as recycled and deadstock fabrics to repurpose waste and prevent it from entering landfills or our oceans.

Our UpLift™ sets are made from the fibers of abandoned fishing nets that are left in our oceans. The fishing nets are collected and then turned into recycled polyamide which is the yarn we use to make our sets from.

Our UpLift™ sets are seamless which means they are created using a machine in a single and continuous knitting process that eliminates most seams. We chose this method of construction because unlike traditional cut and sew garments, there is no leftover fabric waste since the garment is made directly from the yarn.

Tip: We recommend washing all of your synthetics (including our sets) in a washing bag or filter to prevent microfibers (tiny pieces of plastic) from entering our water systems.

Packaging ♼

{ Packaging ♼ }

Our goal with packaging is to use it as minimally as possible and to use only recycled and compostable materials so there is little to no waste.

☯ Our clear poly packaging is made entirely from corn starch meaning it's 100% compostable.

☯ All other packaging materials are made from Kraft paper and recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.

Manufacturing ☮

{ Manufacturing ☮ }

We work exclusively with ethical factories that use sustainable practices to minimize their waste and overall environmental footprint.

We choose to work locally and within the United States whenever possible. However, since making the highest quality pieces are also extremely important to us, we do work with factories overseas that specialize in high-performance, premium fabrics and have the machines we need to produce our specialized garments- such as our seamless Uplift Sets.

☯ We always use safe non-toxic dyes that use less water than traditional dyes.

Climate Neutral ☯

{ Climate Neutral ☯ }

We are committed to becoming Climate Neutral Certified in 2021 and every year thereafter. This means we will calculate our total carbon footprint at the end of each year and then purchase an equivalent amount of carbon offsets to bring us to carbon neutral. Offsetting is an important component to sustainability, however, we do not see it as the primary solution. We do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint to begin with- from the sourcing of our materials all the way to the moment it reaches your hands.